September 24, 2010

snom 300 is officially listed at Microsoft Compatible Devices Program homepage

Hi, :)

now Microsoft provides the official reference:

snom 300 is listed at the Microsoft technet homepage of its:

Microsoft Compatible Devices Program for Lync 2010 and OCS 2007 R2

Feels really great to be qualified, after such a long run started fall 2006! :)

Greetings from Berlin!

ocs phone guy


  1. Congratulations to this Jan! Does this explicitely exclude snom models other than the 300, or can I go and assume my snom 320 is now officially "compatible" as well? And: is this qualification based on a specific version of the firmware that I need to use?

  2. Snoms sip core implementation was always common across all
    3xx, 8xx and MP devices.
    Will do out of experience.

  3. Thanks Daniel! It does not include or exclude any other devices. It just says the snom 300 has passed rigorous testing at the snom OCS lab and is succesfully verified by the Microsoft Unified Communications device team in their test lab. While each device is different (physical and functional) the qualification needs to be done device by device, not by one firmware revision. So even they all share the same snom OCS edition firmware with the same code core for interoperability with OCS 2007 R2, the qualification for the snom 300 does not automatically qualify the whole OCS edition family. All our devices already work on OCS 2007 R2 based on the same core code and potentially can get qualified like our popular small but powerful workhorse - the snom 300.
    The fact that Microsoft invited the snom technology AG in their Lync 2010 compatible device program in parallel gives our partners & customers and last but not least us the confidence to continue with our very promising development and partnership.
    Best regards from Berlin!