February 17, 2010

Been pretty busy since joining snom technology AG :)

Hi, :)

I have been (and I am still :) ) pretty busy the last months to due joining snom technology on 01.Nov.09. to become technical product manager of the snom OCS edition. (... and so after 3 years the circle is complete ;) )

Had an amazing and exciting time so far,  overwhelmed with an virtually infinite to-do-list. Caused by my background being an OCS / Exchange & Microsoft infrastructure consultant for the last 4 years I had the pleasure ;) to get also involved in snom's internal IT. Part of this was introducing a whole new Hyper-V based, W2K8 R2 AD infrastructure and Exchange 2010 was and still is an exciting experience. This and other IT changes run parallel to my new task and I am happy to be supported in both roles by reliable and motivated team members, like I had at ITaCS.

Atm, I am working again together with the marvelous ITaCS team, preparing the Unified Communications & Collaboration infrastructure for the Microsoft CeBIT booth the fourth time, temporary lent :) If you like to get an idea how a productive UCC enviroment can look like, please have a closer look at this graphic: Microsoft CeBIT 2009 UCC infrastructure. 

If you plan to go to CeBIT 2010 (March 2-6), dont miss to visit snom at hall 13 / booth C42! Beside all great phones we will show also the new family member snom PA1 (snom's first public announcement system) 
I like to say BIG THANKS to Matt Landis for his great "First Impression Video about the snom PA1"! Good job Matt! :) 

There are so many amazing news to post about, that would break the mold of this single post. You can expect a few of it in the upcoming weeks, after a quiet long break in posting. :)

btw: CeBIT is also a good option to meet me if you like. Feel free to ask for me in the Microsoft CeBIT booth Hall 4 at the Technical-Information-Desk. Usally I will find some time for a kind chat.

Greetings from the "voice over IP company" at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin :)

ocs phone guy